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Yellowdog was founded in 2016 as an impact venture capital. We invest in start-ups with innovative solutions to address social problems that cannot be tackled by the existing system or businesses.

Various social problems exist no matter where you are, regardless the level of economic development. Climate change, rich-poor gap, discrimination of minorities, better access to high-quality education are just some of the many areas we cannot find easy solutions under the current system. Diverse organizations ranging from government organizations, NGO/NPOs, start-ups to big corporations are putting in their best efforts to solve these issues. We believe that investors also need to participate in the movement to tackle these challenges.

Yellowdog acknowledges the responsibility, and is committed to contribute to solving social challenges together by means of investment.



Yellowdog invests in businesses that clearly claim to tackle social issues and challenges that existing system or business cannot solve


Yellowdog invests in companies that create commercial value and social impact by innovation, via technology, business model, or infrastructure


Yellowdog invests in entrepreneurs with a potential to grow as great leaders, dedicated to solve social problems,  as a businessperson and as a responsible citizen